AKASHI the Blind Samurai is an audio-only game. The player embodies Akashi, a young samurai blinded by the evil Nasu during a fight that also costed his parents's life. In a dark and dangerous medieval Japan, only armed with a sword, the player will have to carefully pay attention to his surroundings in order to fight his opponents to take his revenge.

The game uses a 3D spatialization of the sound through four loudspeakers, recreating immersive atmospheres. The player is blindfolded and provided with a sword which detects his movements. After a short tutorial, the blindfolded player has to react and fight against evil samurais and monsters, by virtually hitting them with the sword. To do so, he must swipe the sword in the direction of the source of the sound. 

This game explores the implication of the player, alone in an dark, unkown and provoking environment, relying exclusively on his hearing and reflexes.

During this project I worked on the physical realization as well as the programming part. I used a Wiimote in the sword to detect the movements and a Kinect to determine their orientation. I wrote a small Processing sketch to read the Kinect values and send the processed information to MaxMsp. Communication between the Wiimote and MaxMsp was done via OSC (DarwiinRemoteOSC). I then created a MaxMsp patch to spatialize the sounds through the 4 speakers, include our elements of gameplay and combine them with the physical information coming from the Kinect and Wiimote. 
Prototype version of the game. No one got injured ;-)

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